Top 5 Snapshot History Posts

On November 15, I started a new project called Snapshot History. I created this page to share the story of us on a daily basis. However, not all the posts get the same kind of engagement. Actually, some really surprise me! Seemingly out of nowhere a post can take off. Let’s take a look at the pages top performing posts since it has been created:

5. Ronald Reagan is inaugurate/Iranian hostages released (January 20)

reagan hostage history

“37 years ago today, Ronald Reagan was inaugurated as President of the United States. As he is inaugurated, 52 American hostages were released by Iran that were held for 444 days.”

4. Arthur Guinness dies (January 23)

arthur guinness history

“215 years ago today, Arthur Guinness dies in Dublin, Ireland. Arthur Guinness was the founder of the Guinness Brewery. His red signature can still be found on Guinness products today.”

3. ACLU is founded (January 20)

ACLU history

98 years ago today, the American Civil Liberties Union is founded from the National Civil Liberties Bureau. They now have a membership of 1.2 million members. (Picture is of Helen Keller, a founding member of the ACLU)”

2. Rasputin is born (January 21)

rasputin history

“149 years ago today, Grigori Rasputin is born in Siberia. Rasputin was a Russian mystic that was known for having a precarious sexual life and control over the Russian royal family.”

1. Johnny Cash performs at Folsom State Prison (January 13)

johnny cash history

“50 years ago today, Johnny Cash performs at Folsom State Prison. The performance was recorded and became the top selling country album, as well as in the general top 15 albums nationwide.”

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