Why I Created Snapshot History

My entire life I have had a passion for stories. Stories are incredibly powerful. They shape how we view the world, how we live our lives, and who we want to be. Stories can come in many in many formats- books, comics, video games, and movies. However, there is one particular story that really stands out- the story of humanity or the story of us.
This story stands out because it is true, yet unbelievable. The things humans have done are awe inspiring. We have done horrifying things that have destroyed the lives of many others. We have done things that are inspiring and heart lifting that makes you feel proud. And, most importantly, we have done things that are interesting, weird, and noteworthy.
This page was created to help tell that story, though only in small pieces. We are all busy contributing to the story every single day, which is why Snapshot History is meant to connect you to the chapters that have preceded us while keeping it simple and quick. I hope you enjoy the content that is published on this page, and I hope it gives you a glimpse at the amazing human story!

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